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January 2021 Scott wrestling Update

1 – Wearing a Facial Covering While Wrestling

Wrestlers are permitted to wear a facial covering while wrestling. Although nose/mouth facemasks are not required equipment, if a facial covering becomes dislodged (assuming it presents a hazard to the wrestler covering an airway such as being dislodged inside of the mouth) the match will be stopped and the wrestler will be given the opportunity to reapply the mask. This is similar to how officials handle headgear that repeatedly comes off, with the exception that repeated stoppages of the match to allow the mask wearer to readjust a facemask that has become dislodged will not be placed on injury time after multiple occurrences (match stoppages).

2 – Transfer Students and Scheduled Points

Transfer students that do not meet a transfer exception may still participate in the first 10 points of the season, even if the team only ends up having well below the schedule maximum of 20 points this season. The student will always be ineligible for the OHSAA individual wrestling tournament if they do not meet a transfer exception.

3 – Protocol for Skin and Grooming Checks for Home School Weigh-Ins

We had received a request for some guidance on how to properly conduct skin and grooming checks while using home school weigh-ins. Please review the document at this link:


4 – Reminder on Weigh-Ins with Legal Uniform

NFHS Rules 4-1-1 and 4-5-7 require all wrestlers to weigh-in in a legal uniform wearing a suitable undergarment(s) that completely covers the buttocks and groin area. In addition, female wrestlers shall also wear a suitable from-fitted compression undergarment that completely covers their breasts. No additional weight allowance shall be granted for weighing-in wearing a legal uniform.

It has come to my attention that coaches are allowing their wrestlers to weigh-in in a legal uniform without a suitable undergarment(s) underneath in an effort to reduce weight. While this can be policed when an official is present for weigh-ins, most dual meet weigh-ins are conducted in the presence of opposing coaches without an official present. This also becomes a potential issue for home school weigh-ins. Let’s address and correct this issue now, and not allow it to become an incorrect practice that leads to issues in future years.

5 – Update on State Wrestling Tournament

I am actively working with all six District Athletic Boards to establish a recommended format for sectional and district tournaments. Changes to the standard format are being discussed in order to provide requested guidance to our host sites.

The state tournament will not be conducted at the Schottenstein Center for two primary, obvious reasons; spectator attendance restrictions and cost.

As of the writing of this email, I anticipate that the state tournament will take place at three separate sites, one per division. They will likely be at central Ohio high schools (for statewide travel considerations) and my goal is to select sites that will allow for at least two spectators per wrestler.

I will share additional information once details are finalized. I know that schools like to book hotel rooms in as much advance as possible, so again, once dates and sites are finalized, they will be shared with all wrestling schools.

There are no changes to the tournament timeline, although the dates of competition could vary depending facility availability:

Feb. 22-27

Sectional Tournaments

Mar. 1-6

District Tournaments

March 12-14

State Tournament

6 – Link to Bulletin for Wrestling Officials

Wrestling DOD Toby Dunlap shared his first in-season bulletin with wrestling officials on 12/17. That bulletin can be viewed here:


7 – Clarification on Multiple Entrants to Individually Bracketed Tournaments

I have been made aware that tournaments in some areas of the state have allowed schools to enter multiple entrants from the same school to enter a tournament in the same weight class / bracket. This is not permissible by NFHS rule 1-4-1. This is not permissible regardless of scoring / non-scoring team point modifications that have been applied to these entrants in the past.

The language in 1-4-1 was somewhat ambiguous, so I confirmed this interpretation with NFHS wrestling administrator Elliot Hopkins. In a related note, a school may weigh-in two wrestlers with one moving up to the next weight classification.

8 – Transgender Wrestlers and Weigh-Ins

If your school has a transgender wrestler participating on your team, the school still needs to obtain a transgender accommodation letter from our office prior to participation. Given the significant changes to weigh-ins this year, I want to make sure that schools knew that a transgender accommodation letter was still needed.