Bulldogs News · Results from the 2020 Spartan wrestling classic tournament

Results in today’s match at Roy C Start high school.
Michael Griffin 152 lb weight class won 1 match and lost two matches. Was losing one match and came through with a great move and pinned the other wrestler with 10 seconds left in the match.
William Palmer also 152 lbs wrestled two times and lost both matches wrestled against a junior and senior in high school, Willaim Plamer is only a freshman! We still have work to do. Willaim Plamer works out two times a day during the week and is slowly getting better everyday! In wrestling it’s not about winning or losing but in fact it’s about learning and turning young men / women into successful individuals. if they stick with it they will be absolutely dominant in any situation.
Jaquan Monroe 106 lb weight class Lost two matches against to experience wrestlers one student he lost against had been wrestling for 10 years, this is a learning experience for all the freshmen on our team.
Jarrett Bradley 126 lb weight class won one match and lost 2. He also plays JV basketball. Jarret is a fast learner and is ready to do more wrestling “he said” has also been promoted to team captain along with Willaim Plamer, we still have one more captain spot available.
Also in attendance
A’lysha Stewart who helped with videography and Matt stats keeping the score and also learning! She will make her debut sometime next week!
Nahkai Gadsden is still on injury reserve due to bruised ribs, he will be back in no time soon before the city championship February 22.
Kemaury Brodie has just signed up for the wrestling team last week is in the process of getting his physical and alpha test completed, he also help with videography, photos and mat stats.
Herbert Flowers is a transfer from K through 12.com an online school, he is working on getting his grades back up and he will be participating in no time as well, but remember grades come first.
I know a lot of students may get discouraged from losing but is not about losing, it is not about winning, it’s about building character, building responsibility and turning boys into men. Wrestling is the hardest sport in the high school level because it’s 1 on 1, you can only blame yourself! You must be strong, dedicated, discipline, and in great shape in order to be successful in high school wrestling at the varsity level! This year is our first year that we have had mostly all freshman on the team with zero experience but that doesn’t stop us from becoming great we will continue to strive for greatness and break records.

All wrestlers who need alpha testing On Wednesday
Nekhi Williams
jonnie ticey
A’lysha Stewart
Kemaury Brodie still questionable due to injury
Zaelen Walker
Akeem McNeal