Bulldogs News · “National College Signing Day” 2016


Scott high school seniors held a signing day to celebrate First Lady Michelle Obama’s “National College Signing Day” on April 26, 2016.
Members of the class of 2016 signed a pledge to continue their education after graduation and a banner to be displayed in Scott hallways.
Scott HS scholarship recipients were also announced. Here is a complete list of scholarships awarded and amounts from the Scott High School Scholarships:
Constance Joan Keaton- $500     Tamara Galloway
Friends of Scott High School $2000   Andre Matthews and Jadah Bryant
Jackson Fund for Computer Education $300  Derrick Wells
Sophia R Refior Mathematics Scholarship-  $2000  Blake Minter
Beverly J Willburn Scholarship- $1000  Kiana McHaney
Scott History Book Fund Scholarship-  $500 to Isaiah Davis, Charlvon Gaston, Diane Hendricks, Rodney Braziel    $200 to Derrick Wells,   $250 to Tamarra Galloway
Louise Brower Foundation $700- Deondra Brown
Krystle Suddeth Memorial Scholarship- Marlena Cortland-Wilson
Kenneth Sampson Scholarship-  $500 Kelley Fletcher
Scott High School Alumni Association Academic Scholarship Fund- $500 Jemiah Peterson
Scott High School Class of 1983 Scholarship-  $100  Jadah Bryant



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